Combo Transfer Tanks

Transfer Tanks and Toolbox Combinations at H&H Truck Accessories

Truck beds can store almost anything --thanks to their ability to carry tools, materials, and heavy equipment, it’s your go-to storage space. This upgrade allows you to expand your truck bed’s storage capabilities even further. The transfer tank toolbox combo not only gives you storage for diesel or liquids but also seamlessly integrates a toolbox into its design. The toolbox transfer tank is a clever add-on that opens up your truck bed to new possibilities. 

The greatest feature of the fuel tank toolbox combo is its versatility. The fuel tank is great not just for diesel, but for any non-flammable liquid. You can stay prepared by keeping extra fuel, chemicals, or any other liquid. A toolbox transfer tank may include a built-in drain for easy emptying or a reinforced design to keep your liquids safely contained.

You can have a fuel tank in your truck bed and still have room for your valuables. The other half of a fuel tank toolbox combo is its storage space for just about anything. Although labeled as a toolbox, this compartment can also be used for any loose equipment or valuables. You’re given plenty of space to organize with.

Great experience! Was able to find a transfer tank like I wanted, get it here in a week, and install in 15 minutes. Highly Recommended!

- Kirk Gamble