Recovery Tools

Recovery Tools and Accessories at H&H Truck

When it comes to recovery accessories, H&H has you covered. There's no telling when disaster might strike. If you find yourself stuck during your latest expedition, our off road recovery gear will have you back on the trail in no time flat.

Whatever obstacles you may face, we have a solution. If you find yourself stuck in mud, sand, or snow, then one of our traction board sets will help you find your footing. True to their name, these recovery boards provide excellent grip, allowing you to clear almost any obstacle. If you need help digging out of trouble, a collapsible recovery shovel is the perfect tool. Its portable design makes it easy to take with you on any adventure.

Off-roading can be difficult, but our off road recovery gear helps when you need it most. You can use traction boards, a recovery shovel, or any of our other excellent recovery tools to save the frustration of off-roading. You can face down challenging obstacles with ease knowing whatever nature might throw at you, you're prepared.

I have to commend the guys at H&H. They were so helpful and very friendly, every single guys I came across there was that way. I arrived at 7:55am to have an item put on my car and walked out the door at 9:05! I must say they have the best customer service!!!

- Anthonetta Coleman

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